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Browning BAR .416 Taylor
Conversion Service: Winchester 1897 12 Ga Trench Gun
CONVERTING YOUR PERSONAL 1897: This is the fastest way to get an 1897 Trench Gun conversion. Send us your 1897 Winchester 12 Ga and we will do the full conversion starting at $895 (plus shipping), assuming the firearm is in good condition. Includes repairs to wood cracks that are fixable. Also re..
Starting at $895.00 - Call (208) 660-5135
Conversion Service: Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun Conversion
CONVERTING YOUR PERSONAL MODEL 12: Ship us your Winchester Model 12, 12 Ga shotgun and we’ll convert it into correct trench gun configuration. This includes all barrel work which on Model 12’s is somewhat involved, total teardown and cleaning/repair, re-blue, stock work as needed. Price does NOT ..
Starting at $895.00 - Call (208) 660-5135
Repair Service: Winchester 1897 12 Ga
Repair Services: If you have an 1897 that's in need of some TLC you can send it directly to us and we will evaluate and give you a quotation for repair. Turn around on these types of repairs rarely exceed a few weeks in shop.   REPAIRING YOUR OWN 1897? We have dealt with almost every..
Call (208) 660-5135 for an estimate
Repair Service: Winchester Model 12 Shotguns
If you have a Winchester Model 12 in need of some TLC, send it to us and we’ll give you a firm quote for completing whatever repairs etc required. Send a text to 208-660-5135 and we’ll forward our ship to address and instructions. ..
Call (208) 660-5135 for an estimate
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