Winchester 1897 Trench Gun

Winchester 1897 Trench Gun

We have carefully recreated the famous Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga Trench Gun using original Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga shotguns. We buy decent used Winchester shotguns which are then totally torn down, cleaned, worn parts replaced, re-blued, reassembled and tested for proper function. Chambers are re-cut to correctly accomodate modern fold crimp plastic shot shells. We add a correct reproduction bayonet lug/heat shield and rear sling swivel. When finished these are an excellent representation of the original factory guns, ready for display or use.
These guns take the 1913/1917 bayonet used on the US Model 1917 Rifle and British P14.

$1799 plus shipping and handling (as of 9/01/2022.....THIS PRICE COULD CHANGE BASED ON THE AVERAGE PRICE THAT THE BASE GUNS COST US)

March 16, 2023:   The 1897 wait list for BCA supplied guns is currently CLOSED.  To keep this process based on a reasonable time frame we cannot add any additional names at this time. As has been the case all along,  this is a matter of acquiring decent candidate guns, not a manufacturing issue.. We are still shipping guns every day and will continue to do so.    As your name comes up on the list, we'll contact you as soon as we have a gun available.       THE FASTEST WAY TO ACQUIRE A TRENCH GUN: If you have an 1897 Winchester 12 Ga of your own, lead time is under 6 weeks. Generally $949 plus $45 return shipping IF YOUR WOOD IS USEABLE.. You can send it to us directly without going through an FFL and we can return it directly to you. Call Tom at 208-660-5135 for info regarding personal guns.

PARTS :   Sorry......we do not sell SHIELD/BAYONET LUGS  as stand alone units. All of our current inventory is obligated towards future builds. Check the usual suppliers of these items as they will eventually show up. ( SARCO & Gun Parts Corp) . When building our 1897 & Model 12 conversions we will only use the shields that we supply. There are some poor quality shields in circulation that we won't attempt to use.

BAYONETS:  Trench guns only accept the 1913 British and 1917 US bayonets. Your bayonet MUST slip on and off easily, if you have to pound it to get it off you will pull the shield forward and damage your barrel.  Most of the surplus bayonets you'll find will have damage to the pommels from being used as a hammer etc. If you purchase a trench gun from us and you send us your bayonet we will clean up the "T" slot in the pommel to fit correctly at no charge to you.  This service DOES NOT APPLy to the modern reproduction bayonets. We can fit them but will charge to do it at our standard $75/hour minimum shop rate. (yes, they're that bad) 



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Conversion Service: Winchester 1897 12 Ga Trench Gun
UPDATE:  May 10, 2023    We've been in constant contact with our parts supplier and they are getting very close to entering full production. I'll guess 30-60 days but we don't build these so the time frame is still somewhat speculative on my part.  Once full parts production i..
Starting at $949.00 - Call (208) 660-5135
Repair Service: Winchester 1897 12 Ga
Repair Services: If you have an 1897 that's in need of some TLC you can send it directly to us and we will evaluate and give you a quotation for repair. Turn around on these types of repairs rarely exceed a few weeks in shop.   REPAIRING YOUR OWN 1897? We have dealt with almost every..
Call (208) 660-5135 for an estimate
Winchester Model 1897 Bayonet lug shield assembly replacement sling loop
Bayonet lug/shield assembly replacement sling loop. A direct replacement for both original and reproduction bayonet/shield assemblies. We finally have these available. If your sling loop has been removed or damaged these will correct the problem. They come blued and installed by Bull Creek Arms o..
Starting at $75 - Call (208) 660-5135
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